Friday, March 31, 2006

Not a happy clappy day

I tried to make apple crumble tonight. Apple crumble with a dash of cinnamon. It worked well before, I remember preparing it for my dorm mates. We ate it with custard in the confines of our room while engaging in idle talk.

I promised my friends in Cambridge that I would bring them some tonight. I saw some instant crumble toppings in Sainsbury's yesterday and I thought, why not give it a try?So I spent a while in the kitchen, mixed this and that, and I popped it into the oven. Forty minutes later, I took it out.

Hmmm, not yet brown and golden. I'll put it back in.

Fifty minutes later, still not golden.

An hour and fifteen minutes
later, this is SO not happening.

So I abandoned my apple crumble project and went to the friend's place feeling very very frustrated.

Setting that aside, I got an e-mail today from the International Office. I had applied to the Cambridge-MIT exchange program because I think it would be cool to go to both Cambridge and MIT. Apparently, I was not accepted. Oh well, I didn't actually get my hopes up high on that one, so I don't feel very despondent about it. It sort of shucks, but on the bright side, I'll live in a very nice room in Cambridge next year (which I have to abandon if I was accepted). A set with en-suite shower and all.

So yup, not a very good day (the apple crumble got to me the most). Not exactly sulking or anything, just need to vent a little. Sorry for ranting, guess I'll end it here.

</rant> . He he.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A trip down memory lane

So I went to London on the 25th of March for a meeting with my sponsor. Nothing worth mentioning, unless you count the fact that we got a free lunch at the hotel afterwards, which is a welcomed break from the cafeteria food or those that I cooked (if you can call it that) myself.

Since I was already in London, I took the opportunity to visit my old school in Wales (I have to go via London to visit it from Cambridge anyway). Was looking forward to it, especially since this week is the last week that ex-students are allowed to visit (afterwards the current students will be preparing for the International Baccalaureate exam) and I have some stuffs left there that I need to take back, namely my printer.

I guess you can say it was a bit weird to go back to the place that you used to know. Somehow, quite a number of people looked different. My ex-dorm mates were sporting new hairstyles and there's this Russian kid who was really short the last time I saw him but I could have sworn that now the top of his head was reaching my eye level when I walked past him at the hall. Was it him or was I getting shorter? You think?

Anyway, my camera sort of broke down so I couldn't use it to take pictures but luckily there's my trusty N70 to the rescue, he he. So yeah, I managed to take some snapshots of my beloved Atlantic College where I spent 2 years in.

My school is a 12th century medieval castle overlooking the sea, how cool is that?


Where I sometimes go to unwind...

Castle and the Beast Garden...

See why it's called the beast garden?

I am the protector of this castle, muahahaha!

Ooooh, another one! Warrrghhh!!

Unfortunately, the rose garden doesn't bloom at this time of the year. Otherwise, it's really really pretty

The main drive...

We don't really live in the castle. Instead, we live in separate student houses. Some of the classes, however, are conducted in the castle, and not forgetting the dining hall. It's very Harry Potter-ish.

Usually there are some sheep around. can you spot them?

All in all, it was nice meeting old friends and faces. Gosh, I guess I really must have missed them. It's been what, almost a year? My next visit will probably be during the 10-year reunion, *sigh* that's eons away.
Stayed there for 3 days, then I took off to London. I also brought the printer with me. Ever tried carrying a box with a printer inside all the way from Cardiff to London to Cambridge? Trust me, it's no fun.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Holiday, procrastination and sundials...

Yay! I'm on holiday!!

In my opinion, Cambridge has one of the longest holidays compared to other unis in the UK. Mine started on the 17th of March and ends on the 25th of April. That's like, what, 5 weeks? To top it all, I only have 2 assignments to finish and one of them can be done in 3-4 hours. One good thing about the course I am taking is that I never need to write any essays (yeah, go Natural Sciences!) and the closest thing is probably writing lab reports. So, being left with two easy-peasy (lemon squeezy ;p ) work, I did the only thing one is expected to do in this predicament...

...I procrastinate. He he.

Yup, the 4-hour assignment is still there fermenting on the table. It's about sundials. Didn't realise it until a few weeks ago, but my Maths (computing) lecturer is a person who goes around making sundials. Sounds odd? Well, he designed a few sundials here and there; there's one that he made for the Queen and another one in Denmark (or was it Sweden, I can't remember). Funny thing to be doing for a hobby. Anyhow, we're all expected to do the same, except we're modelling in on Excel and Mathcad, which is much easier than carving it on walls of buildings. Not that it's of much use anyway, considering the English weather =p

Anyway, I wouldn't worry much about it for the moment. Should be enough time for me to do it before going to London this weekend.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flashes, sounds and explosions...

Hiya! Hmmm, my 2nd blog entry. Now, if only interesting things keep happening to me, I should be able to keep this up, he he.

So, yesterday was quite a busy day. There's this whole Science Week Festival going on in Cambridge and it was the Chemistry Open Day yesterday. I volunteered for this one. Why? Coz I think chemistry is fun ( and I have a whole bunch of balloons that I nicked *ahem* took from the open day with the words "Chemistry is fun" written on them to agree with me). Sure, I like other subjects as well, e.g Physics is quite fastinating with relativity, quantum-whatever and stuffs but when it gets down to it, for the past 3 years the lectures/classes that I enjoyed most is chemistry.

So yeah, I was supposed to be there from 1:30 to 3 p.m. only but I stayed the whole day. Otherwise, I'll miss all the lecture and experiments. And yea, the title of this post is basically the theme of the lecture (after all, why on earth would the public attend a boring ol' university lecture - you have to throw a couple of smokes and explosions in).

Dr Wothers lighting something up...

, he caught fire!

So I basically was in charge of the treasure hunt involving chemical elements and handing balloons to children. Yup, that's exactly what a student studying chemistry in a university is there for: giving away balloons. Definitely. Need to have a vast chemistry knowledge to handle balloons, otherwise think what would happen if a child starts untying the knot and there's no one around to help the poor kid when he inhales the helium and starts to *gasps* talk funny?

To make polyjuice potion, you need a wartroot...

All in all, it was a pretty good day. The highlight of my day was when this kid pointed to me and said, "Mommy, mommy...ballooney." It was sooo cute the way he said it that I felt like kidnapping the child. Gosh, did I say that out loud?

Haha, I am the open day mascot, the Balloon Man!!
(a friend insisted I take this picture)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Should I blog?


Should I blog?

A rather silly question really, considering the thing is already here on the net. Heh, this means that I've succumbed to the temptations induced by my dear friend Keste. He kept pestering me to blog something. So here I am. Anyway, I don't really consider myself a very opinionated person ( I think Black, a friend of mine puts it down as being diplomatical) so it's not really like I can spout words of wisdom or provoking thoughts out like rain. So don't expect me dissecting the inner workings of the political government or the meaning of life anytime soon. Oh well, at least now I have an outlet for things that are going on in my life *pokes at the blog title* .

Soooooo, I think it's not bad for a first post. Heh heh. I'll be adding stuffs soon.