Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Final Exam in Cambridge…

… has finished about 18 hours ago.

So with this, I’m now done with the chemical engineering tripos. No more lecture notes, reports, or research projects. All that’s left now is to get my degrees: M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering and also the overdue B.A. Degree.

The exam went okay, I think. For some reason I don’t feel very excited when it’s over. Maybe it’s because I did average on all the papers, which is enough to get me a 2.1 but probably not a first. Some of the papers were okay (like Rheology and Catalysis) but some were unexpectedly quite hard (Fluid Mechanics and Colloids). In any case, the results will not come out until after mid-June, so until then I probably shouldn’t worry too much about it.

They organized a punting post-exam celebrations for us part IIB’s yesterday. It was good, except for the fact that they only rented three punts from Magdalene College, which is not enough for all of us. So I had to go back to Trinity and get two more. But apart from that, it was fun. Not a few people fell into the river yesterday, and some even did it purposely.

Now that I’m free, it’s time to catch up with my computer games, watch some films etc. I’ll probably drop down to London at some point as well. Yeah, good times!


P.S. My 4-year-old laptop has been emanating some strange whirring sound from the hard disc. Maybe it’s time to buy a new laptop. Should I get a Macbook Pro or wait for Windows 7?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Exam in Two Weeks!


I just had the final year report deadline last week and now that that’s out of the way I still have the exams to worry about. Yup, it’ll be my last exams in Cambridge ever and it probably influences my job offer, so I’m really anxious about this. And I’m especially keen not to repeat last year’s disaster, so I’m gonna be working hard from now on.

Postings are probably gonna be sparse from now on, if any. Wish me luck!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Summer Cuppers

Today, the long awaited event for Easter term (to me at least), the summer cuppers is starting. For those who don’t know, the cuppers is a competition in league format between the Cambridge colleges. Trinity sent one team this year and we are placed in division 1 with several other strong teams but today we beat three of them. Yay!

I feel a bit guilty playing all afternoon since I still have two reports to be handed in next week, but come on! Volleyball beats working every time.

Hmmm... where have I heard that before?

Due to some circumstances, I was appointed the temporary acting-captain for the Trinity team, even though I have my final Cambridge exam ever coming up and I’ll be graduating soon. But yeah, it seems like we don’t have any new faces this year that can take up the captain mantle, which is quite unfortunate. And being acting-captain is quite unnerving when most of the people in the team are more skilful than you.

Oh well. In any case, the cuppers will last for four weekends, so I’ll blog about it from time to time.